Member Stories
Member Stories
What Chizen means to me
Chizen is all about quality not quantity; It may not be be the biggest gym in Dubbo, it may not have as many classes as the others, it may not have as many participants in a class
BUT - quantity is not everything
Chizen is all about a quality experience:
You are not just one of so many in a class that the instructor can't even see you, the classes are small and you feel like your workout matters, You are more part of a team, than part of a crowd.
The staff are interested in you personally - not just getting you into the gym and then ignoring you - you are not just a number.
Olivia -

I've never loved a gym as much as I loved my time at Chizen. As not the most fit person ever I always felt welcomed, motivated and encouraged in every class. 

Every staff member was welcoming and supportive and took the time to greet me by name when I walked through the door. 
This gym was literally one of the highlights of my time in Dubbo, thank you all so much xxx 
Courtney -

Can't begin to tell you how awesome this gym is!!! Signed up for three months while staying in Dubbo, the most friendly, professional, top notch gym instructors I have ever had the privilege of learning from. The classes were amazing, full of energy and you left feeling like you have accomplished something for the day. Love Chizen gym! Wish I could take you back to NZ with me :)) 
John Langford – Dubbo

Participated in one of our 6 week challenges, lost 24kg and has continued to lose weight since.
Karen Chant – Dubbo

Being someone who loves food and loathes exercise, my friends and family were amazed when I signed up to the Chizen 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge. Not being overly overweight, but carrying excess that I had tried to get rid of for years by using diet plans from well-known weight loss centres or visiting dieticians, I thought I would give it a go.

At the end of six weeks, I was excited to learn that I was the “Biggest Loser!” The secret to my success initially was my motivation for sticking to the program knowing that it was only six weeks! Other plans, seemed like a lifetime of starvation and deprivation to me, whereas this was broken up into three very achievable two week blocks. In the process, I have lost kilos and centimetres, I can now touch my toes, I am fitter and I have developed great eating and exercise habits that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my life. 

The information provided by Andrew, Karen and the staff at Chizen was educational and useful but most of all, practical. Their guidance and encouragement was incredible! Weekly motivational meetings, regular telephone follow-ups, personal training sessions and an extremely friendly and non-judgmental environment where I felt comfortable and totally at ease (even in my 10 year old tracksuit with bleach stains!). 

I know I wouldn’t have been able to achieve these results without their support and I am very grateful.

I highly recommend Chizen to anyone that wants to lose a lot of weight, or just a little, or just wants to get healthier and fit and improve the quality of their life. You won’t regret it!
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